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If you get hurt at work, you’ll probably be entitled to workers compensation benefits and you might be asking how long can I collect workers comp It depends on whether or not you’re eligible for workers comp. In Louisiana, in order to collect workers comp benefits, you need to meet […]

Over the last ten (10) years, a lot of people have started to telecommute. It’s more convenient for the employee and it is usually cheaper for the employer. This means that, for the most part, the company these people work for trusts that they’re actually working when they claim to be working. […]

Most people who get hurt at work file a workers’ compensation claim. If their claim is approved, they’ll start receiving replacement wage benefits in a week or two. They’ll also receive ample medical treatment for their injuries. In fact, under the law in Louisiana, you really can’t sue your employer […]

More people are telecommuting and working from home than ever before. Recent polls show that as many as 25% of all emploWork from Homeyees in the U.S. work from home. Even more work from home at least some of the time. So, it makes sense that people would wonder if […]

If you get injured on the job, you should expect to receive workers’ compensation. It wouldn’t be fair for you to have to suffer your injuries yourself. Your employer’s insurance should be responsible for your medical care. They should also pay your weekly replacement wages until you recover from your injuries. […]