One thing is for sure. If you have a Louisiana auto accident and find your vehicle and yourself being shoved around, you can be left with a lot more than damage to the car and to your physical person. There are a lot of hidden issues that crop up as a result of being in a Louisiana car wreck. Sometimes people who are in accidents are in shock and traumatized by the experience. This trauma can be real. Not only is it real, but it is often something for which a non-faulted driver can be compensated. The compensation falls under what is known as “pain and suffering.”

We’ve heard of a lady that reported how she couldn’t drive for almost a year after someone hit her car and caused her vehicle to flip and land on its hood. She said she felt so disoriented as she sat right side up hoping not to get hit again and waiting to be rescued. When she gained the courage to drive again, she always took sides streets rather than Louisiana interstates. People told her she was irrational to not drive all those months. They then told her that she was irrational when she tried to avoid the interstate, because, as they pointed out, she was not hit while on the interstate.


Irrational or not, many people reel under the trauma of an auto accident in Louisiana. They never forget. Many suffer from undiagnosed PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. While they suffer, often in silence, they try to find that level ground called normalcy. However, often one can’t ever go back to where they were before the accident occurred.

We’ve heard of another lady who was very skittish in Baton Rouge traffic, and afraid to ride with drivers who drove fast. Drivers often said to her that her sighs, stiffening and exclamations made them nervous when she rode along. She often used the public transit system to travel; which often meant inconvenient waits at bus stops, lengthy walks to some stops and longer trips to get somewhere that would have taken less time by car.

All of this comes under pain and suffering. Insurance companies consider pain and suffering to include fear, insomnia, grief, worry, inconvenience and loss of the enjoyment of life. That’s a lot to go through after a wreck.

Sometimes an accident occurs that’s not your fault. It brings all of this collateral damage into your life. By any measure, many people can’t walk away from an accident without having some of harm that goes beyond the physical. Many have real pain and endure bonafide suffering and their lives are never quite the same again. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Louisiana, call one of our injury attorney’s today at (225) 240-4053 .