It is no news that aviation accidents are fatal, and sometimes lives are lost. The aftermath of these events can lead to is life-altering injuries like brain injuries, internal bleedings, and many more. However, airplane accidents, just like any other accident, may require legal actions, and you can hire a personal injury lawyer Baton Rouge to help you out. To help you out, below are answers to frequently asked questions about aviation accidents:

What Causes Airplane Accidents?

50% of plane crashes have been found to be a result of pilot error, therefore making pilots the leading cause of this type of accident. It is also important to know that there are other causes of airplane accidents. Some of them are poor maintenance, fuel problems, bad weather, emergency landings, errors by air traffic controllers, faulty equipment, and many more.

Can You Sue If Your Plane Crashes?

The legal case of airplane accidents is more complex than other forms of transportation accidents. Lawsuits can be filed by victims of fatal injury or people who lost their loved ones in the crash. After a plane crash, the investigation is first carried out by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and other federal agencies, respectively. Depending on the nature of the accident, the FBI may also be involved. Private entities can also be involved in the investigation. They can be the airline itself, foreign governments whose citizens were victims of the crash, and families of the accident victims. The lawsuit against an aviation company can be on the basis of product liability or negligence.

How do I Sue An Airline?

As mentioned before, the legal cases surrounding an aviation accident are usually complex, and therefore, it will require an in-depth understanding. To help you with this process, you should hire the services of an aviation accident lawyer. This professional should be highly trained and experienced in this kind of case for the best result. It is their job to help you as the victim get the compensation you deserve. Before embarking on this legal battle, it is important for you to know that the way accident cases are handled varies from region to region. In the United States, $150,000 is the minimum award granted for every aviation death. Survivors may be granted additional opportunities. After a plane crash, the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act governs carries out certain actions to help the victims, and they include asking the NTSB to set up support plans for the victims. This usually covers both transportation and mental health. The airlines are required to notify families of the victim before revealing their names to the public. They also make a toll-free number available so as to help survivors receive updates.

Trying to make a legal claim for aviation accidents can be stressful, and for that reason, you are advised to seek help from an accident lawyer. To learn more about this, visit

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