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Do you work with asbestos? While most workers manage to remain safe while working with asbestos, one small misstep can put them at risk. Often, what they experience are the effects of primary asbestos exposure. In fact, more than 127 million suffer from exposure to asbestos. Ever since then, more […]

The delicate fragrance and soft texture of talcum powder make it seem like one of the most innocuous substances there is. But talc products hide a dark secret. As exposed in many talcum powder lawsuits over the last decade, talcum powder use may cause ovarian cancer and is also linked to mesothelioma. Many plaintiffs […]

Car accidents are serious business. Of every accident that happens around the United States each year, over 3 million result in serious injury to the drivers. Of those 3 million, 2 million face permanent injuries that limit the quality of life. The kind of injuries one can sustain in a car accident are wide-ranging. […]

Imagine getting compensated for a work injury that you might be partially responsible for. It’s the law we’re talking about here. In every state except Texas, employers are required to protect their employees through workers’ compensation insurance. That means if you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to certain benefits […]

In 2015, the United States saw a road crash taking place every 4.5 minutes. By the end of that year, the police received almost 6.3 million traffic crash reports. It got worse in 2016. That year, the estimated number of police-reported crashes reached over 7.27 million. The number of fatal […]

In the 1930s, Canadian companies made C$10 million every year on exporting asbestos alone. That equates to about US $114 million today. No wonder this material was once called “Canadian gold” and “Canada’s magic mineral”. After all, it was cheap, fireproof, insulating, durable, and flexible. These properties led to its […]