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Single-car accidents can be just as dangerous as a multi-car crash. When someone drives off the road, they’re usually driving pretty fast. They end up crashing into a tree or median and get ejected from the vehicle. When this happens, they sustain serious injuries and can even die. Paincourtville man […]

When you get into a Louisiana truck accident, you’re going to suffer serious injuries. Truck accidents tend to be the most dangerous kind of motor vehicle accident. This is mostly because of the sheer size of the truck. A passenger vehicle doesn’t stand a chance against a large tractor trailer. […]

Single vehicle crashes are sometimes the hardest to investigate. When there are no other cars involved, it’s not easy to figure out what caused the victim to lose control of their car. When the crash involves someone on a motorcycle, the authorities typically chalk it up to excessive speed or […]

A truck driver was killed last week in an unexplained crash in Whiskey Bay, Louisiana. He was driving westbound near the Basin Bridge when his truck careened off the highway and through the guardrail. His truck ended up falling off the highway and landing on the road beneath the overpass. […]

Man in baton rouge arrested for setting apartment on fire. Baton Rouge man was arrested for several counts, among which the biggest one was – setting an apartment on fire. The apartment was located in a building with another thirty residents. Fortunately, the fire was put out on time, and […]

Every now and then, car accident lawyers hear about cases that just make them scratch their heads. It’s almost as if the stars had to align perfectly for these kinds of accidents to happen. This story is just too tragic to imagine. A 30-year old man in Concordia Parish was […]