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Car accidents are terrifying. If you’ve recently had an accident, the terror of that experience may still be fresh for you. And the effects can be far-reaching. It is no secret that the repercussions in terms of insurance and the like can drag on for months after the accident. But […]

If you ask an ER physician about their worst cases, they will likely tell you it’s car accident injuries. The human body is not made to withstand the collision of metal and glass traveling at high speed. Trauma can present from compound fractures to brain injury. And, injuries can plague […]

While the majority of rides that are hailed through the popular ridesharing services Uber and Lyft are completed without incident, car accidents can and do occur. If you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft when an accident occurs, you may be left wondering, “Who is responsible for my […]

Being in a car accident is terrifying. The horrible sound of metal crunching on metal. The screeching sound of cars breaking. Then there’s the aftermath when all parties involved check themselves to make sure everything is okay. And if you’ve ever been in an accident before, you know how easy […]

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have exploded in popularity as a primary means of transportation for people countrywide. These services eliminate many of the hassles found in traditional taxi services. Users hail, set their destination, and pay the driver all at the click of a button. But what happens […]