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Every year, three million people in the country experience injuries after getting into an auto accident. Of these, two million drivers experience permanent injuries each year. One of the most common injuries is a concussion. What is a concussion, and what are the most common symptoms to look out for […]

Is It Possible To Prove Accident Fault Without Filing A Baton Rouge Police Report? If you get into an accident, it becomes imperative to hire a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer. Most people don’t know the law or what procedures they should undertake right after an accident. They might not […]

Have you recently suffered from a concussion due to a car wreck? Are you wondering how to cope with the accompanying fatigue? While there are a lot of unpleasant symptoms that come with a concussion, fatigue is certainly one of the worst ones. Fatigue can affect your mood, your ability […]

Experiencing post-concussion syndrome can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. These can range from dizziness to headaches to depressions. And these unfortunate effects can last from just a couple of weeks to many months after sustaining a concussion.  So what is post-concussion depression and how can you treat it? Continue […]

When your insurance claim is denied, you might feel disappointed and scared. Just remind yourself that it is not the final word. Some states and insurance companies have appeal processes, which means you can argue your case. There are a few reasons for denied claims, including incorrect information, unanswered questions […]

While most of New Orleans was enjoying the Saints taking on the Minnesota Vikings this past weekend, the police were responding to a two-car crash in Opelousas. 57-year old Stephanie Soileau was driving her car Northbound on Louisiana Highway 103. She had her seatbelt on and, according to police, wasn’t […]