LSU fans have come together to donate to the family of two Georgia Southern fans who died in a car crash on their way back home after the season opener match in Baton Rouge, WAFB reports.

LSU fan Michael Booth, from Mandeville created a GoFundMe account for the family of the couple. Danny and Julie Hagan were killed on September 1st after being involved in a car crash on I-16 while on the way back home from the LSU game.

After reading the story, he decided to create the GoFundMe, and then posted a link onto the team message board. People started sharing the link on social media and the story grew quickly. Booth says that after setting up the account, he contacted a close friend of the family, and they helped to set up a bank account in Georgia, so that the children will be able to receive the funds.

So far, more than 875 people have donated to the cause, and many have left their wishes and condolences. The sentiment is that they are all football fans and there are some things which are bigger than sports.

The fundraiser broke $10,000 within the first 24 hours and is now over $40,000. The original goal set by Booth was $37,500. This is a testament to how big-hearted Louisiana sports fans can be, and to how the community is capable of coming together to support those in needs.

There will be some due diligence performed to ensure that the account set up in the family’s name in Georgia is correct, and once that is done the GoFundMe funds will be transferred to the bank, so the children will get the support that they need in the future.

In the words of one of the donors, they may be LSU, but we are all American first, last and always.

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