The reason we get car insurance is in case we get into an accident. And most of the time, when we submit a claim, it gets paid. You will normally get your check a week or so after the accident. Sometimes, however, the insurance company denies your claim.

When this happens, it can be more than frustrating. Regardless of the reasons, a denial holds up the entire process. When you don’t get paid, you can’t get your car fixed. And who knows how many medical bills you’ll rack up for your injuries.

If you get injured in a car accident and the insurance company denies your claim, you need to contact a Baton Rouge auto accident attorney. He can help resolve your claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyers Handle Cases Like Yours All the Time

If you want to increase your chances of having your claim paid, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to call the police. They’ll come to the accident scene and conduct a thorough investigation. They’ll also prepare a police report.

The police report contains vital information that the insurance company can use to determine fault. It’s also a great tool for your Baton Route car accident lawyer. There is information in the police report your lawyer can use to prove your case.

Some of the information contained in a police report includes:

  • Description of the accident scene and road conditions
  • Name and contact information for any witnesses
  • Statements made by both drivers
  • License and insurance information for all drivers involved
  • Proof of any tickets or arrests made at the time of the accident

You also need to see medical care immediately after the accident. If you expect your claim to be paid, you’ll need to prove you were injured. The best way to do this is with medical records. When you go to the hospital after a car crash, they’ll run all the necessary tests to determine how bad your injuries are.

If you don’t go to the hospital, there’s no record that you were even hurt. Your lawyer can only get your damages for your actual injuries. If he can’t prove you were injured, he won’t be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Car Accident Lawyers in Baton Rouge Know How to Handle Insurance Company Denials

In a perfect world, your claim would be approved and you’d get your money right away. If for some reason it is denied, you’re going to want an experienced lawyer by your side. He can talk to the insurance adjuster, he can also find out why your claim was denied.

Some of the most common reasons for an insurance denial include:

  • The policy wasn’t valid
  • The policy had lapsed for non-payment
  • The driver wasn’t listed on the policy
  • You didn’t file your claim in time
  • The insurance company doesn’t believe you were hurt
  • They think you caused the accident
  • You have a history of filing false claims

There’s nothing your lawyer can do if the policy wasn’t valid. No insurance company is going to pay out an invalid or canceled policy. They’d go bankrupt in a matter of months. But for the other reasons, your lawyer can try to negotiate a settlement of your claim.

Can a Car Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge Help?

Having a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge can make the difference in your claim getting paid or not. Lawyers have a good relationship with most insurance companies. They also have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters. They’re not intimidated and know how to ask all the right questions.

The insurance company doesn’t want you to file suit. Nobody wants to go to trial. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. It’s in everyone’s best interest to settle the case. This is why your attorney can help. The insurance adjuster will take him a lot more seriously than he will you. This may not be fair, but it’s the truth.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Baton Rouge Right Away

If you get injured in a car accident, you need to call a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. He can also negotiate with the insurance company to settle your claim.

Lastly, call today and schedule your free initial consultation. The insurance company will have lawyers working for them and you should too. The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.