Baton Rouge Car Accident Annual Law Scholarship

Stephen Babcock wasn’t a rich kid with a free ride to law school. He grew up in Ruston, LA and attended LSU Law School. After graduating, he worked hard to pay off his student loans (some of which may or may not have paid for football tickets and a beer or two). Now, Stephen is a car wreck lawyer in Baton Rouge. He also handles 18 wheeler accidents and enjoys fishing in Cocodrie in his free time. If this sounds like someone you can relate to, please apply for our scholarship.  Stephen loves to give back!

Requirements for the Scholarship:

Our $1,500 scholarship is available for all current law school students. Full-time and part-time students are eligible, but you need to be currently enrolled in an ABA-accredited Law School to apply.

Any previously awarded scholarships or monetary prizes have no bearing on this scholarship award. Official transcript should be sent to

How to Apply: In order to apply, applicants will need to submit the scholarship application completed in full. A ‘live’ version of the scholarship application form will be made available ONLY during the open periods listed below. During those periods, the form will provide more detailed instructions on filling out and submitting the application.

You will be asked to submit an essay thru the ‘live’ application form. Your essay should discuss “Why Law School is Worth the Cost”. Describe the financial and nonfinancial toll of studying law to its students and explaining why all of these are worth enduring to get that law school diploma.

Your essay will be published on our website if you win, just like winners of previous years with winning essays that are scheduled to be posted soon. Keep in mind that you give us your full permission to use and post your essay when you upload/send it to us.

Note: An official transcript must be emailed as part of your application. Transcripts sent after the application submission period will not be accepted.

Application Submission Periods:

Annually from October 1st – April 1st.


Scholarship Award Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

In addition to the webpage announcement, scholarship winners will be contacted directly at the time of the announcement.

The method of payment can either be thru mailing of a check or bank transfer, depending on the choice of the winner.

This will be kept confidential, just like all other private information and documents you send to us.

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