The impact of a car striking yours and jolting your body to the point of injury is one of the most vulnerable, traumatic experiences a person can go through.

This is why choosing a lights out personal injury lawyer is critical.

Car accidents come with lots of physical and emotional stress, with big money matters at stake. Whether you’re seeking a negotiation out of court or an advocate to try your case, it takes some focus and information to hire a great lawyer.

Read below and then start contacting a car wreck lawyer Baton Rouge that can help you.

The 5 Keys To Choosing the Right Car Wreck Lawyer in Baton Rouge

#1: Make Sure That Their Experience and Fees are Clear Up Front

On average, a serious car crash racks up about $65,000 in injuries and damages.

You can’t afford to hire an inexperienced lawyer with this amount of money on the line.

Aside from money, it’s crucial that you hold the other driver accountable because of their negligence. This is only possible when you do thorough research into your attorney’s background.

Let’s take a look at a few things you should learn about the car wreck lawyer Baton Rouge before hiring them.

1 – Find Out About Their Education

Learning an attorney’s path to practice tells a lot about their work ethic and intellect.

LSU continues to be the top law school in terms of prestige and bar passage rates in Louisiana. Schools like the University of Chicago, the University of Virginia and Southwest Law School also have great law school programs.

In addition to learning where they did grad and undergrad, pay attention to your lawyer’s belonging to high achieving organizations. Ask your lawyer whether they participate in continuing education so that they’re always in the loop on legal field happenings and sharpening their tools.

2 – Research Their License and Years of Experience

The Louisiana State Bar Association has a directory that lets you research all practicing personal injury attorneys.

Make sure that you’re pinpointing those that specialize in car crashes.

Referrals will give you an idea of which attorneys are the best at their craft. On top of learning about their legitimacy through referrals, look any lawyers you’re interested up to see if they’ve received any disciplinary actions in the past.

Lawyers receive marks against their professional record whenever an investigation finds that they acted unethically or negligently in the line of work. While this may not tell the entire story, a lawyer with multiple disciplinary sanctions should set off red flags.

3 – Ask For Data On Their Previous Cases

Any time you’re hiring a car wreck lawyer Baton Rouge, make sure to learn about the cases they’ve worked in the past.

Have them tell you their career record of cases won, lost and settled. Ask how long they’ve been practiced and what role they played on the legal team in each of their cases.

#2: Schedule A Consultation To Find Out The Attorney’s Strategy

You need to sit down with your car wreck lawyer Baton Rouge in advance to find out their strategy for your car crash.

One lawyer might suggest structuring a cut and dry settlement with the other driver, while another could seek legal action against a stingy insurance company. Make sure your attorney takes you point by point through how they’ll handle your case.

Treat these consultations like getting a second opinion from a doctor, until you find the attorney whose instincts you trust.

#3: Hire a Lawyer That Is Skilled At Making Settlements

Be sure that any car crash attorney you hire is skilled at making settlements.

Car crashes are settled the majority of the time since litigation can take a lot of time and rack up a lot of costs. Your car wreck lawyer Baton Rouge should explain their techniques for reaching out to the other party to negotiate.

#4: Be Sure The Lawyer Is Great At Communicating and Helping You Understand The Law

When you hire a car wreck lawyer, pay attention to their communication style.

A lawyer that can clearly communicate their message will be valuable and will make you comfortable. In addition to handling your case, the lawyer can answer any questions you have about personal injury law.

For example, you must file for a car crash case lawsuit in of the accident’s date. Failing to file your car wreck lawsuit in this time frame means that you forfeit your ability to get paid for your injuries in the case.

Choose an attorney that can explain these sorts of matters and handle all filings with timeliness and accuracy.

#5: Get A Clear Picture of Your Damages For the Long Haul

Finally, be sure that you bring in a car wreck attorney that gets the big picture of your injuries.

Getting the right amount of damages ensures that you can get the time off from work to heal, replace your car if it’s totaled and compensate you for pain and suffering.

To do this, your lawyer must prove that the other driver didn’t take the proper care to look out for your safety. In addition proving negligence, your lawyer needs to prove that you weren’t negligent.

You may share some responsibility in the accident if evidence or testimony shows that fault is shared between the two of you.

Bring on the service of a lawyer who understands the long term effect of your injuries, so that you are not short changed on the damages.

Since there were more than 6 million vehicle crashes in recent years, there’s a real chance that you might need to use these tips some day. Follow these tips, so that you don’t make the mistake of hiring a sub par car accident lawyer.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you know a little bit about hiring lawyers, it’s important that you narrow down your search and start booking some consultations. Since these consultations are free of charge, you’ll get solid information that will steer your decision.

To get representation from a Louisiana native that can handle your car crash, contact Stephen Babcock for a consultation.