It looked like something out of an action movie. You know, the ones where the city highways are crashing and aliens are bombing the planet? Only this one happened in real life in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. A car falls into sinkhole in Bossier Parish.

A couple was driving through a major intersection, attempting to make a left-hand turn when their day took a turn. Out of nowhere, their car starting falling into the ground. A deep abyss appeared in the road where a giant sinkhole appeared.

Thankfully, the two passengers in the car were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A spokesperson for the city said that both were expected to make a full recovery.

Nobody seems to want to take responsibility for this tragedy. Imagine driving down the road and having the ground below just give way. Your car ends up feet under the ground, without warning.

Erin Buchanan, from the Department of Transportation, said that the sinkhole was caused by the flow of water. They said they have no idea where the water is coming from, but that it shouldn’t be there. They said they’ll fix it when they can determine exactly where the water is coming from.

In cases like this, it shouldn’t be hard to determine liability. The city is responsible for maintaining the roads in Bossier County. Yet it seems like nobody is all that concerned about the accident. The people in that car could’ve been killed. They talk about it as if they’ll get around to it when they get a chance. You would think they’d be a bit more alarmed.

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