Head-On Collision injury lawyers in Baton Rouge

Head-On Collision injury Attorneys in Baton Rouge

A head-on collision is the type of car accident most likely to result in death. Head-on collisions account for about 2 percent of car accidents but cause about 10 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities.

If you have lost a loved one or have survived a head-on collision with injuries, Baton Rouge accident injury lawyers can help you pursue a proper insurance settlement for the medical expenses, lost income, pain, and suffering and other losses your family faces, including funeral and burial expenses.

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If a head-on motor vehicle crash has upended your life, you will need help to be made financially whole. Profit-driven insurance companies don’t always do the right thing on their own. The Baton Rouge car accident lawyers at Babcock Injury Lawyers can make the difference in your financial recovery from a catastrophic auto accident.

Babcock attorneys – Stephen Babcock and Chase Tettleton – are experienced legal advocates who focus on assisting injured plaintiffs and their families in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas of Louisiana. They have been named among the Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys in Louisiana as well as among the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers from 2012-2017.

Whether you realize it or not, having a skilled lawyer on your side is one of the most important factors in the success of your case. Rest assured that even if you don’t receive a financial payout following your case, you won’t owe our team a penny.

In the case that you’re not satisfied with the progression of your case, we will send back your case file within 30 days of our team being hired, and there is no cost to you. This is part of our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you’ve been in a car accident, seek help as soon as possible.

Head-On Collison Attorneys

Steps to Take After a Head-on Collision in Louisiana

If you’ve been in a jarring head-on collision, it will be nearly impossible for you to think coherently and logically following the accident. It’s no surprise that car accident victims are unprepared.

You thought the day was progressing as normal when all of a sudden you find yourself in an accident. It can be difficult to recall the details, especially shortly after the accident occurred.

In addition to being in shock following an auto accident, your body may be experiencing serious injuries. From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, there’s no telling just how severe your injuries may be. Plus, your car has likely become damaged as well.

Thinking clearly and calmly may not be possible during such a scary and chaotic moment. Once the dust has settled, it’s time to turn to our Baton Rouge car accident attorneys for hands-on assistance.

We’ve put together some helpful steps you should follow in the case that you’re ever a victim of a head-on collision in Baton Rouge.

Tend to Your Injuries After a Baton Rouge Car Accident

This goes without saying, but your first priority should be tending to your physical safety. If other people were involved in the accident, make sure to check on them as well. If you’re able, pull your car over to the side of the road so you are out of traffic. Even small injuries should be treated by a medical professional. Don’t hesitate to call 911 to get a qualified EMT to the scene to check over everyone involved in the accident.

Gather Info After a Baton Rouge Head-On Accident

In the case that you don’t have any injuries following the accident, it’s time to gather the necessary information to help us build your case. This means seeking insurance information from the other party and talking to the police to give a report. Be mindful that you should never chase down a hit-and-run driver. All you need to collect is the license plate information as well as the make, model, and color of the other car that was involved.

Avoid Speculation Following the Accident

You may feel tempted to immediately try to determine fault when the accident happens. If you’re waiting for a police officer to arrive, try to remain as calm as possible and reflect on the accident. Do not admit to the other parties involved if you were the person who caused the accident, even if you believe this to be true. Doing so will only hurt the outcome of your case.

On a similar note, accusing the other parties of causing the accident won’t be helpful either. All you need is the proper information to start filing your case.

Don’t Leave the Scene of the Accident

Fleeing from the scene of the accident even if you aren’t guilty isn’t a good look. Wait until the police arrive at the scene and you have the proper information to move forward with a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer.

Document the Scene of the Accident

Taking photos at the scene of the accident can be beneficial to your case. Use your cell phone to document any vehicle damage, signage, or injuries that occurred. There’s no such thing as collecting too much evidence.

Seek Witnesses If Possible

If your accident occurred in the middle of a busy intersection, chances are high that someone else saw the accident play out. Make sure to write down the names and contact information of any witnesses that you can track down. Of course, you’ll need their permission before you use them as a witness, so make sure you ask their permission.

File a Police Report

Regardless of who you believe to be at-fault for the accident, you’ll want to officially file a police report. In the case that the police give you a ticket, don’t push back. Simply sign the ticket and keep it as evidence. Signing this ticket doesn’t mean you’re admitting fault or guilt, and this ticket can be fought in court.

Seek Medical Help & Listen to Your Doctor

If you didn’t seek medical attention immediately, you should do so after you have contacted the police and collected the necessary contact information. Even if you don’t think anything is wrong with you, you’ll want to get checked out by a professional. Injuries can become worse over time, and documenting the state of your health immediately after the accident is beneficial. Ask your doctor to provide you a copy of the paperwork for your records.

Listening to your doctor’s order is important in making a full recovery. Abiding by their instructions can also help your case in the future.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Agency

As soon as possible, you’ll want to contact your insurance agency to let them know of the head-on collision. You won’t want to give a statement, however, until you talk to one of our attorneys. Doing so can help you prepare for a successful case.

Determine Fault

Pure comparative fault law exists in the state of Louisiana. Consider if either of you were speeding, were driving with obvious distractions, or if you had a difficult time maintaining control of the vehicle. This is something with which our team can provide hands-on assistance.

Collect Paperwork

Putting together the paperwork, including any photos or medical bills, is the final step in preparing for your case. We can help you obtain car repair bills, prescriptions, or other relevant documents to help improve your case.

Steps to Take After a Head-on Collision in Louisiana

Regardless of what the other party’s insurance company or law firm offers you, don’t settle. You’ll want to seek legal representation of your own to ensure your case is being handled in the fairest way possible. This is always in your best interest!

In fact, most settlements occur before they are taken to court. Regardless, contacting a lawyer first can help you receive a bigger settlement amount than strictly going through an insurance agency.

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If you’ve been in a head-on collision in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas of Louisiana, get in touch with a car accident attorney now. No one else — not the other driver, the other insurance company, the other car accident victims, or even the police — are interested in looking out for your best interests.

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