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When a pedestrian is involved in a car accident, more often than not people will assume the driver was at fault. Drivers are at fault in most of these cases, but pedestrians can also be liable if they weren’t following the law or being negligent. With car accidents that involve […]

Staying Safe in Severe Weather

Weather Conditions Bad weather is one of the main causes of car accidents. Thousands of people are severely injured each year due to severe weather conditions. Most people don’t have extensive experience driving in bad weather such as hurricanes, sleet, tornado-like winds, and flooding. The first thing to remember is […]

In the era of social media, all you have to do is click a couple of buttons to see what your friend had for lunch or where your co-worker went for vacation. This can make it easier to share important details with loved ones who live in different parts of […]

Drunk Drivers During Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras season and carnival celebration brings joy to many residents of the New Orleans area and attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Unfortunately, this period is also responsible for many tragedies. According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Mardi Gras is the single most dangerous holiday on Louisiana […]

Regular car accidents are terrifying enough, but what if the crash involved an 18-wheeler? The damages incurred and the legal ramifications of an 18 wheeler crash can vary greatly from that of a normal car accident, and it is important to know where the differences lie. 18 Wheeler Damage Damage […]

Every state requires business property owners to ensure their establishment is safe and protects guests from any harm. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes owners are careless and may cause harm to a person. Determining liability when injured at a business can be difficult because there can be […]

Many homeowners take matters into their own hands when sprucing up and maintaining their homes. Whether you just like to do things yourself, or you rather save money, so you don’t have to call a professional either way, it is vital that you take the right precautions when working on […]

Having a home full of items everywhere can not only appear disorganized but also create a trip hazard and an unsafe environment, especially if there are young children in the house. With Christmas Day just a few days away, many families are getting prepared to either travel or invite a […]

Seasonal Safety Tips

The holidays are a time where families gather together for fun, food and celebration. Unfortunately, sometimes these gatherings end in tragedy. According to the data found by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Thanksgiving Day has more home fires than any other single day in the year. Christmas […]