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Our law firm’s founder has spent hundreds of hours on Lake D’arbonne and Lake Claiborne. He learned how to ski and how to handle a boat on both of those lakes. Taking a boat on a lake, river, or another body of water is an enjoyable experience when everything goes right. But when a person operates their boat negligently and injures you or your loved ones, the emotions are quite different. You may be suffering great pain while dealing with medical treatments and lost time at your job. The financial impacts of these accidents can be devastating, but filing a lawsuit with an Ruston injury attorney may help compensate you for the costs.

An experienced Ruston boat accident lawyer can effectively represent and help you seek monetary damages for what was taken from you.

Holding Negligent Boaters Accountable

Every boat operator is expected to operate the vehicle safely and responsibly to keep themselves and others safe. When a boater doesn’t utilize reasonable care while handling their boat, significant harm can occur to both individuals and property. A boat operator can be negligent in many ways, including, but not limited to:

Proving a defendant’s negligence is a critical component of a successful boat accident lawsuit. The plaintiff is obligated to prove the defendant’s failure to provide a standard of care—a failure that caused injury to the plaintiff as a result.

If you believe the boat crash that caused your injury was the fault of another party, consulting a seasoned attorney in Ruston to determine the legal merits of their case is in your best interests.

Vicarious Liability in Watercraft Accident Claims

If the boat operator is an employee of a company, the employer could be accountable for the negligent acts of its employee. While on a hired boat, you are owed a legal duty of care to be kept safe from dangerous or negligent actions. If the operator was negligent and caused harm to their passengers, they could be liable for the accident and the harm that resulted.

Through a legal theory known as vicarious liability, an employer may be held directly responsible for the conduct of their employees when the employee was negligent. This requires a specific showing of certain legal elements, but an attorney familiar with filing boat accident claims in Ruston is well-prepared to handle cases where this may exist.

Filing Deadlines in Boat Accident Cases

Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, the law provides one year for injured individuals to file an injury claim related to a boat crash. This short timeline means you should reach out to legal representation as soon as possible. The sooner you speak to a local attorney, the more likely your case can be filed by the appropriate deadline.

Let a Ruston Boat Accident Attorney Help File Your Claim

If you’ve been injured, filing an injury claim for monetary compensation is crucial to help you financially heal from the harm done to you. However, this complex procedure is best handled by a knowledgeable Ruston boat accident lawyer with the years of training needed to effectively pursue your claim.

Don’t hesitate to get the help you need. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced legal representative.

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