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Ruston Hurricane Damage Claims Attorneys

Hurricanes are a common occurrence in Ruston and throughout Louisiana. Unfortunately, the recent events of hurricane Ida have made it clear that all property owners must anticipate these catastrophic events.

Many property owners buy into insurance policies to protect themselves against the flooding, high winds, and other forms of damage that can come from these storms. These policies are supposed to provide cash payments whenever a hurricane is responsible for property damage.

Sadly, the insurance companies that administer these plans don’t always pay out on claims like they should. Instead, they allege that a customer didn’t buy a premium, didn’t properly file a claim, or that the damage isn’t covered under the policy. If you have been getting these denials from insurance companies, you can pursue damages with the help of a skilled attorney.

A Ruston hurricane damage claims lawyer can help you collect what you deserve from insurance companies. This can include seeking enforcement of an insurance policy, demanding compensation through settlements, or bringing lawsuits to local courthouses that seek relief.

Cases Alleging Bad Faith Denials of Claims

The State strictly regulates the actions of insurance companies. At the core of these regulations is the obligation for insurance companies to act in good faith toward their customers. Specifically, Louisiana Revised Statute § 22:1973 says it’s against the law for any insurance company to act in bad faith.

In hurricane damage claims, insurance companies still might violate this law in numerous ways. They may fail to properly respond when a customer reports a loss or misrepresent the provisions of a policy when selling it to a customer. In other situations, they might fail to offer a proper settlement figure when liability is clear or delay your rightful payment after signing the paperwork.

Any of these examples leave the insurance company liable to you and other property owners. A hardworking attorney in Ruston can take the lead in seeking out fair compensation in a claim if an insurance company isn’t providing you what you need to handle hurricane damage.


Pursuing Compensation Through Breach of Contract Cases

Even if it doesn’t appear that an insurance company has acted in bad faith, it may still be possible for you to demand the enforcement of a policy and receive compensation through a claim. The most common way to achieve this is to prove that an insurance company breached your contract.

Insurance policies are contracts. This means that any individual who believes that an insurance company has improperly failed to provide benefits under a policy can ask a court to enforce that contract. In most situations, this means demanding payments under the terms of the policy.

A lawyer can help you pursue these hurricane damage claim lawsuits in Ruston civil courts. This could result in the receipt of compensation through a settlement or a jury verdict that helps you cover your losses after the storm.

Contact a Ruston Hurricane Damage Claim Attorney Now

Hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters that can impact Ruston residents. If you’ve got an insurance policy that you believe covers your losses after these events, but an insurance company is failing to provide compensation, you may have the right to seek legal remedies.

These remedies may be the result of an act of bad faith or situations where the insurance company is refusing to pay out a valid claim and has breached the contract. A Ruston hurricane damage claim lawyer can help you collect the insurance payouts you need in either situation. Contact an attorney now to get started.

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