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Stephen’s firm handled my motorcycle accident case for me after an other attorney didn’t do what they promised to do in a timely manner. Stephen and his team took over and got me what I deserved in less time than I anticipated. I really enjoyed the process with them, from meeting in person to their support staff to the final result. I have since used Babcock’s services for my business dealings and they are being handled with the same attention to detail and professionalism. I recommend this firm to anyone that has high standards.Thank you Stephen and Chase!

Samir, Avvo Client Testimonials

I was “doored” by a car while on my motorcycle. There were lots of complications to my case: the severity of my injuries, the unique nature of the accident as a non-moving accident between different modes of transportation and the complicated aspects of my own insurance policy. Stephen was reassuring about the validity of my claim at our first meeting, arranging for a full medical and neurological evaluation and expert medical treatment that helped me recover physically much sooner than I expected. He negotiated tirelessly for two separate settlements for a larger total sum in spite of all the road blocks the insurance companies threw his way. He is the epitome of a seasoned, intelligent and decent lawyer.

John, Avvo Client Testimonials

I hired Stephen Babcock to help me with my automobile accident that I was involved in on 08/04/2016. He helped me with my medical care and settled the case without needing to file a lawsuit for the full policy limits. I would recommend.

Iman, Avvo Client Testimonials

Stephen Babcock represented me, and got me everything I wanted and more. Their office was always in contact with me about the status of my case and they were very responsive to all of my calls and emails. They took lots of time preparing me for everything that we had to do, and his staff was always polite and even returned phone calls after hours! If you need a lawyer and are unsure about who to hire, I would recommend Babcock Injury Lawyers and I will hire them again if I ever have to.

Guest G., Judy’s Book Reviews

When I needed a personal injury attorney after my car accident, I called Stephen Babcock and his firm represented me and got me a great settlement from my car wreck. They took care of all of my medical bills and helped me get back on my feet with a fair settlement in less time than they promised. If you need a Baton Rouge car accident attorney, I recommend you call this firm.

Nicole M., Yelp Reviews

Quick and fast definitely worth the money.

Matt Mouhot, Facebook Reviews

I’ve had a great learning experience with Babcock Injury Lawyers. They are excellent at what they do. I was very impressed with how they handled my personal injury case. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, and God forbid if I ever need a personal injury attorney again, Stephen Babcock is the person I will call. They are all very professional, thorough, no one could have handled my case better.

Timothy B., Insider Pages Reviews

I just had my personal injury case wrapped up by Stephen and his team and I can honestly say that I’m impressed with the speed and efficiency with which everything was handled. They got me more than I expected and they got it fast! You’re in good hands with this firm, at least that’s been my experience.

Samir A., Citysearch Reviews

Babcock Injury Lawyers exceeded all of my expectations on my case. I will definitely hire them again if I need to… which I hope I don’t!”

C. James

Mr. Babcock is an amazing lawyer I went through 4 lawyers I before called Babcock Injury Lawyers. He has been honest with me from the first moment I met him after I had very bad experiences with lawyers. I will not go anywhere else, and I send my loved ones nowhere but here. Hopefully you are never in a situation where you need his assistance, but if you are don’t go to anyone but him. Thank you Babcock Injury Lawyers.

Brianne P.

I will start by stating I wish there was a 6/5 star option. During my senior year at LSU, I was involved in an automobile accident. The collision totaled my truck and resulted in me needing 4 months of medical attention. I was getting nowhere with the other party’s insurance company. After several months of unanswered voicemails, they (Hertz) finally called me back, feeding me a bunch of lies, stating that their driver was cleared and the file was closed, leaving me responsible for all of my medical bills and telling me not to contact them anymore. I called Stephen Backcock, at Babcock Injury Lawyers, about my case. He understood that I was busy with school and met me after hours (~8:15 p.m.) for a consultation. During the consultation, he assured me I had a case, and promised that he would fight for me, and win. The very next day I, miraculously, received a phone call from Hertz, who spoke with Stephen that morning. Contrary to the initial return call, the Hertz agent was very nice and professional. The call came too little too late, and I instructed them to contact my Lawyer, Stephen Babcock, from there on out. In the closing week of the case, Hertz threw out a settlement offer that I was more than happy to accept. Stephen gave me counseling not to accept the offer, stating it would serve as a minimum guaranteed amount, he knew my case was worth more and that he would not settle until I get I what I deserve. That very same day Stephen settled my case, for almost double the initial amount, which far exceeded what I ever thought my case was worth. Besides settling my case so successfully, Stephen far exceeded all expectations I’ve ever held for an attorney. He treated me with respect and honesty, he was sure to update me with any new information he had on my settlement (also when he did not have updates, just so I would never feel forgotten about), gave me his personal cell phone number so I could text him when he was away from his office, met with me whenever I was available (mostly after hours with my school schedule), and I never walked out of a meeting (or phone call) without feeling more confident than before it started. His staff is also top-tier. They always greeted me with a smile, returned every phone call I made (by the length of this review I’m sure you can tell I called a lot), and placed me in a conference room with coffee, water, and snacks while I waited for my appointment to start. Stephen and his staff have kept in contact with me since the closing settlement. I dropped by one day, unannounced, to thank Babcock Injury Lawyers for everything they did for me. They were more than happy I stopped by and Stephen even came out to the parking lot to check out my new truck. A few months after settling, my mother-in-law was involved in an accident. I was more than excited to recommend Stephen to represent her. I gave him a call to tell him about her accident and that she was hesitant to involve a lawyer (as lots of people are). To ease her mind and worries, he took the liberty to contact her himself. To date, he is representing my mother-in-law for her settlement, helped her get all the medical attention she needed, and she is ever so grateful he called her that day.

Ricky, Avvo

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Babcock Injury Lawyers