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Statistics released by the Baton Rouge Police Department reveal that sobriety checkpoints catch a surprisingly small number of drunk drivers. The vast majority of drivers stopped by officers are allowed to proceed, having done nothing wrong. According to BRPD press releases, a January 17 checkpoint on North Foster resulted in […]

While this isn’t a personal injury related story, and not based in Baton Rouge, its interesting and can affect us all. A defendant who didn’t expressly invoke his right against self-incrimination in a voluntary police interview before his formal arrest can have his silence used against him in court, says […]

One of the surgeons who designed the DePuy ASR hip replacement testified last week that the company didn’t have a “vigilance and complaint department” to probe reported problems with the devices. Instead, problems with the devices were reported to the company’s marketing department, which the doctor called his “primary conduit” for information […]

A new study of pedestrians found that approximately one-third of them are distracted while walking. Most are distracted by texting, talking on their cell phone or listening to music. The researcher shows that nearly one in 3 people were distracted while walking. Persons who were texting while walking were approximately 4 times […]

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled yesterday that a confidential informant’s testimony at trial in a wig-and-mustache disguise did not violate the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment. Jorge Jesus-Casteneda was indicted for his alleged involvement in a weapons-for-drugs conspiracy. Prosecutors alleged that Jesus-Castenada, along with other […]

Do you or your business have a claim under the BP Settlement Agreement? Under the Settlement Agreement, you may have a real property or business claim. We are working with a team of attorneys sitting on the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC), and on the Trial Team who are evaluating claims […]

As an attorney, the first rule of jury nullification is that you do not talk about jury nullification. The second rule is that you DO NOT TALK ABOUT jury nullification. But this is a blog, not a closing argument, so I will break rules 1 and 2 in the next few paragraphs. Sue me. […]

The news out of State College, Pennsylvania is equal parts sad and disturbing. Former Penn State football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been arrested and charged with multiple accounts of sexually abusing at-risk children. Prosecutors allege that Sandusky, the former heir apparent to coaching legend Joe Paterno, preyed on young boys who […]