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Whiplash Injuries

The term whiplash is used to refer to the portion of neck injuries that involve soft tissue damage to the neck. Soft tissue injury is the more modern term, but most everyone knows the older term whiplash. The most common type of whiplash injury is from a rear-end car accident. […]

Many homeowners take matters into their own hands when sprucing up and maintaining their homes. Whether you just like to do things yourself, or you rather save money, so you don’t have to call a professional either way, it is vital that you take the right precautions when working on […]

How Is Fault Determined?

The initial shock of an accident can leave you scared, dazed or even injured. So what should you do next?  Determining who caused the accident is the key thing to prove to your insurance company and also to pursue legal action if you have been injured. Fault depends on the […]

Limitations In some cases, your loss of consortium claim might be limited by the laws protruding to your state of residency, or by an insurance policy. To further explain, we have separated the two scenarios: Insurance Policy Limitations When discussing liability, we are often referring to “single injury” limitations. More […]

Stress from Accidents in Louisiana

One thing is for sure. If you have a Louisiana auto accident and find your vehicle and yourself being shoved around, you can be left with a lot more than damage to the car and to your physical person. There are a lot of hidden issues that crop up as […]

Let’s face it, accidents happen every day in Louisiana. But when they happen and responsible parties don’t admit they are liable, the personal injury lawyers at Babcock Partners, LLC are hired to perform an important job. For example, two of our clients were traveling through Louisiana when they stopped for […]